Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Good Copywriting Gets More Sales

Author: Lance Petres

As we watch everyone take to the online platform for commercial representation and sales conversion, there is no doubt that the quality of content on your website will directly impact the overall appeal of your organization to the wandering eyes of internet shoppers everywhere. Yet, far too often we see websites that have incredible designs, great products, and horrible sales content. Remember, your website is a direct representation of your company, which is why so many online entrepreneurs are turning to copywriting specialists to help them establish a solid online presence. The quality of your sales content will impact your sales numbers significantly, so when setting up an e-commerce site or informational platform for potential clients to read, it is imperative that you consult with a professional before moving forward.

The Various Sales Language Styles
There are several different sales styles that are relevant to particular industries. A copywriter should be proficient in several when you are gauging the candidates available. These individuals are usually experts in the field, and while it may seem counter intuitive to have a writer create the necessary sales information for a product they know little about, do not discount the research and comprehension abilities of these professionals. Many can digest information quickly, creating content that is appropriate for any given industry.
"Content Is King!"

We have all heard this adage, and while it may resonate more with some than others, remember that content is very important in the online world. As technology has continued to put incredible visual tools in the hands of everyone in the online community, flashy websites are quite common. As this development took hold, what you said on your website began to supersede how your website appeared. This changed the way many looked at online sales and copywriting became an incredibly important field.
My Experience With a Copywriter

I have several online outlets that sell a variety of products. I utilized SEO companies to deliver the hits, and things seemed to be great right from the start! However, I quickly learned that hits do not equate to sales. In my efforts to increase revenue, I turned to an experienced copywriter to help with my sales content. Obviously, the hits were coming given the Search Engine Optimization work that was being put in, but conversions require a little something more. Within weeks, my sales began to spike, and they have held a consistent total that is much higher than I had ever anticipated.

Copywriting is something that I always felt was unnecessary, as who could possible know more about my products than me? However, it isn't necessarily imperative that the products be described in every detail, but instead, that the pertinent details are delivered properly. Once I understood this dynamic, I began keeping a copywriter on hand to help my online businesses flourish. The decision is one that has paid dividends, and the fees associated with the writer have been recouped several times over.

I am an expert in the products I sell, and while that can make me a great salesperson when operating in the business world, it does not necessarily equate to being an incredible online sales associate. There are several factors involved when shoppers are utilizing online portals that will affect the way they make their purchase decisions. A great copywriter can help you tap into those trends, ensuring that you see higher conversion rates for web visitors. In the end, is there anything more important than higher sales? Seek out a professional to help with your web copy, and you will quickly see why the investment is a great one!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


SEO Copywriting Services Match Search Engine Algorithms

Author: Pamela Adreson

SEO copywriting is one of the most important business tools nowadays. It helps a website attain high rankings in the major search engine through the proper, correct usage of words or keywords in the text that compliments the search engine algorithms.

Despite lots of SEO copywriting benefits, there are many businesses that are unaware of the clear cut use of this technique. In such case, the need of companies that proffer content solution is felt. The technical knowledge and vast experience is enough to render an edge over your competitors. The SEO copywriters in these firms are expert enough to write search engine optimized content, and brings huge traffic and business to your website.

The vendors of SEO copywriting services offer content solutions with the right use of keywords at the right places. These keywords abet to amplify website visibility by matching the criterion of search engines like Yahoo!, Google etc. The SEO content writing services effectively functions as ad copywriting as their job also includes grabbing the attention of customers to your website.

SEO companies carry out a variety of off-site and on-site SEO activities for a website optimization. SEO content has a lead role to play in search engine optimization. The specialized field asks for qualified and professional people.

Professional content writing companies are embedded with experienced and talented SEO writers that are well-versed with SEO content writing. They are capable of writing all types of SEO content such as SEO blogs, SEO articles, web content, press releases, either. You just have to provide them with the site name and keywords, and you will be provided with qualitative and keyword-enriched content. Writers are also aware of conducting keyword-research.SEO content copywriting services are highly demanded today as with the utilization of effective content writing, every company wants readers to remain glued to website for a long time. Effective as well as eye-catchy content on the website helps convert the reader into a customer. So, the content must be written in keeping mind the readers' point of view.

For providing effective content, a content writer must be good at language, and be capable of conveying and communicating his/her message in an effective way. While writing content, a Content writer must keep the following key points in mind:

*Use bullet points to attract the readers

*Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs

*Ideate your views in just one para

*Be brief and sound in your point

*Use easy-to-understand words

So, SEO copywriting and content writing has got a very essential role to play in increasing your business.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Copy Writing Tips – Following These Killer Tips can Assist You a Lot!

Author: Dia Bijlani

Writers are often looking for copy writing tips when they wish to fill the space on a web page or blog. These tips are often useful in creating quality content. There might be several resources available for researching on favorite topics, but still writers may find it tough to add quality content for the website. Lack of time is also a big issue for people due to which they are outsourcing writing requirements most of the time. This may produce a better opportunity for the writers but generating good content has always remained as a big challenge for them. In order to negotiate with this issue, now a writer can follow certain copy writing tips. This will help him to deliver the best content that often keeps readers busy and makes a web page popular.
Search engine friendly content:
In order to get quality content, you should stay focused on creating search engine friendly copies. Search engine friendly content is what web based businesses are now looking for.
  • This sort of content is often well optimized and based on certain keywords. So, before you write the content, you should find the targeted keywords. This will allow the web page to appear at the top of SERP's when a web visitor type in the same keyword in the search engine's search box.
  • Search engine friendly content should be based on relevancy. The content you are creating for web page should have the relevancy with the product and service you deal with. This will really attract quality web visitors for your web page through which you wish to enhance the sales of your product or service.
  • Search engine friendly content is always a plus sign for a website, as it can drive quality web traffic and turn them into customers.
There are several other tips which you can follow in order to make the content for your web page attractive enough from the search engine as well as a web visitor's perspective.
  • In order to showcase the advantages or benefits associated with your services and products, you can use bullet points.
  • You can make the word bold or italic in order to showcase the special announcements of something attractive that you are offering.
  • The copy should be written is such a way that it can create a good image of the website before the readers. They will never wish to stick with a boring content.
  • Always try to offer them something to read that is creative, interactive and most importantly informative.
  • You should know the audiences that you are targeting through your content. This will help you to generate relevant content that can meet your customer's requirements easily.
  • Always address a person only through your content, not a group. This will change the voice of your content, and it will appear as more personal.
  • Adding testimonials, social validation as well as examples can even make your content compelling as well as sells oriented.
  • Facts can mention a few things but stories are what can produce more sell. People often love to go through stories. Quality copy writing is often based on telling good story!
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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Importance of SEO content writing services in the electronic media

Author: Simon Murray

SEO content writing services are now a popular part of the service sector organizations. These organizations are meant to write the content which is available for the students and other people on different websites and search engines the job of these organizations and companies is to produce such articles and content for the websites which want to have their websites ranked among the top websites so that the search engines of different companies may be optimized. These search engines usually pay to some websites so that they can produce the content which is wanted and search by maximum people coming to their search engines so that their engine can be optimized and there will be more people accessing the certain search engines. For those website who work as the optimizer of the search engine these services work as the content writer these content writing services work really hard to produce the most original content for the different websites. The reason for outsourcing this activity is that these services charge lesser amount of money then they have to spend on creating their own department of writing in any company. These services are very helpful in this regard.

These serviceshave good people who are working very hard for the writing of the websites. These SEO content writing services are also providing the simple content for the people who want to have simple contents whether for their websites or for any publication on the internet. This simple content is written in the normal way like an article but when SEO based content is written it has got some form and techniques for the writing. This SEO content requires some technique and courses through which they can learn how to write such content and get trainings. Usually they provide their employees and writers with the workshops regarding this writing and train the people so that if they are not aware of this writing style they can learn in it with concentration. The people these services hire for special writing are usually very learned having fluidity in writing and reading plus they have got plenty of knowledge about many different things because they might have written many different reports and articles during their education time period or they might have produced some good work apart from the knowledgeable work.

They are working very hard to produce the content so that the people can get benefits of the services and produce such writings which can become valuable and contribute something good in the education world or in the world of websites. The content writing can be learned by those who have got some interest. In modern days there are different institutes which trains the students for the writings and there are certain writing degrees available now through which student can learn a good deal of information and writing tactics. These servicesare doing a good job in informating the world with new and interesting information and also helping them with their tasks of finding things which they want on websites.

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Simon Murray is an Internet Marketeer with an sole experience of more than 13 years in the SEO field and tons of top ranking website under his badge; who also is the Chief Editor and co-founder of which deals in providing quality seo content writing services including blog post, press release, website content, article writing and more; catering hundreds of website owners every month.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Content Writing Tips: Understanding 6 Types Of Web Content Readers

Author: Meera Jensy Moorkoth

In web content writing, the key to success is to understand your reader. It is a widely agreed fact that content writing is different from other kinds of writing. If we understand the kinds of people who read web, it helps us to write in a more channelized and successful manner. We can classify readers according to the six most common statements we hear in our everyday life.

1. Oh!! It's too much
2. Buddy, I am just skimming through
3. Really, I am in a hurry
4. Well, I am not very sure
5. So, what is your point?
6. I am fed up

Oh!! It's too much: This kind reader gets easily tired if the amount of words written exceeds certain limit. Even a reader who enjoys 500 pages of Harry Potter adventures will not feel compelled to read a 1000 worded web content. To please such readers you have to:
• Write in short paragraphs
• Write in short sentences

Buddy, I am just skimming through: The second and the most common reader type is the "skim through reader". The time an online reader gets to understand and register the web content is shorter than that of print content. You have to develop content that helps the "skim through reader" to grasp the crux without demanding more attention than what they can naturally offer. The rule of thumb here is:
• Write clearly
• Write engagingly

Really, I am in a hurry: ‘Mr. Hurry and Miss. No Time' come to a website to grasp things as fast as they can. When they say "I am in a hurry" they mean it. They really are in a hurry. Content writing tips to get the attention of Ms. &Mr. Hurry are simple:
• Use bullet points
• Italicize or bold catchy phrases

Well, I am not very sure: This type characterizes the doubtful or the sceptical reader. Readers who come to websites can be highly sceptical of the credibility of the information you give and the claims you make. The magic word of content writing here is honesty:
• Give credible information
• Make realistic claims

So, what is your point: Readers are like lovers. They hate if you beat around the bush. If you start a paragraph with point A and then move to Point B, C and D, believe me, s/he will not be there to read your final point E. To attract the attention of your readers:
• Never beat around the bush
• Deal with one idea at a time

I am fed up: The mood of the reader is unpredictable. S/he might be reading your web content at the beginning of a hectic day, in the middle of a deadline or at the end of a bad day at office. S/he might be already fed up and fatigued; don't make them more fatigued. Online content writing done creatively can energize a reader. Two rules apply here:
• Write straightforward
• Avoid information overload

If you take time to understand these 6 types of readers, online content writing can be a pleasurable exercise for you and reading it will be pleasurable for your readers.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Do Commas Do?

Author: David Bowman

I have been receiving quite a few questions about the basic purpose of the comma. For example, one Twitter follower asked simply, "Can you explain what commas are for?"

Twitter isn't really the place for lengthy discussions, so I responded "Commas are used to separate meaningful units in sentences." Here's a more lengthy response about the value of commas and how they are used, taken from the introductory sections of Zen Comma.

Commas are confusing

(picture caption)You don't need to be Einstein to understand commas.

einsteinshow.jpgThe final stage of the writing process is proofreading: correcting any errors in spelling, punctuation, word usage, and format. Roughly 75% of what I do while proofreading clients' documents is correct commas.

When I teach community writing courses at the university, I ask the students, "What's the number one thing that confuses you about punctuation and grammar?" In every class, someone says "Commas," and about half of the students nod in agreement.

Commas confuse most people. Unlike other types of punctuation, they are used in so many ways. The purpose of this book is to show you how to use them correctly.

If you want to write clearly and professionally, you need to use commas correctly.

What commas do

Commas are visual clues that have only one purpose: Help the reader separate parts of sentences into discrete, meaningful messages.

A sentence may have multiple parts. Each part has some meaning that we are trying to communicate. We combine those parts to write a sentence that has a single message. In most cases, we identify those parts by separating them with commas. This helps the reader find them and understand the overall message of the sentence.

And that, ultimately, is why we use commas: Help the readers understand the ideas we want to communicate.

Do commas matter? Yes!

As you will see throughout this book, where we put the commas, and where we leave them out, can change the meaning of a sentence.

When we're writing, we already know what we want to say. The reader doesn't. Our job, therefore, is to help the reader understand our meaning.

And that means the commas have to be right.

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David Bowman is the Owner and Chief Editor of Precise Edit, a comprehensive editing, proofreading, and document analysis service for authors, students, and businesses. Precise Edit also offers a variety of other services, such as translation, transcription, and website development.