Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Win Search Engine Traffic With Content?

Author: Dia Bijlani

For any online business, flow of targeted traffic is considered as the lifeblood. Search engines are the best source to get targeted traffic for your site. In order to get search engine visibility, you site has to appear at the top one page of the major SERPs. Well, the quest to attain higher search engine ranking is now common in the world of SEO or search engine optimization. If you are looking for long term benefits, then adding unique content for your website should be your prime matter of focus. This will allow the website to become successful on the major search engines. Add unique, relevant and well optimized content for your website regularly and soon you will find the difference. This will also help your website to receive more targeted website traffic.

High rank in SERPs is based on several elements:

There are a lot of elements needs to be considered while looking for higher rank in SERPs. From domain name to Meta tags and from title to H1 text, everything needs to be placed in the right manner for a webpage so that it can find higher rank in major SERPs. Google is also there to assign higher PR or Page Rank for the webpage and you shouldn't forget about its importance. As per Google's algorithm, several factors associated with the webpage will be considered in order to assign high PR for it. Studies have proven that, sites having higher PR are achieving higher ranking in SERPs.

Well, the ranking of the site is surely debatable and at some instance this discussion has even received controversies. However, the importance of adding content for a site is still high and it will remain for a long time. Content is the King and no one can really deny this fact! Google like major search engine has even shown its inclination towards the sites that are equipped with quality and unique content. Offering relevant content as per the searches can really produce a better ranking for your website in Google SERP.

Don't fall in the trap:

There are webmasters who may fall into the trap like focusing only on a few keywords and facing a war later with them. Instead of that such webmasters can diversify their selection of keywords while adding fresh content for their site on a regular interval. There are tons of sites being uploaded with the World Wide Web.

So, it is often tough for the webmasters to draw attention of Google only in a few days of uploading their sites on the web. At the same time, trying to lead the way in the search engine war while targeting the high competitions keywords can put in negligible results. But when you add fresh content, the base for keywords increases and your website soon start to appear at the top for some less competitive keywords. This also keeps you encouraged about the work.

Never become fixated:

Once you start to add fresh, unique and well optimized content, the website will receive more visitors. Even before you become aware, then inner pages will start to receive adequate traffic. Instead of being fixated at the home page, your inner pages will start to explore new dimensions on the web due to the flow of web traffic which is always great from search engine's perspective.

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