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10 Trigger Words To Use In Your Sales Letters

Author: Nick Cobb

Words. They're very important. So important in fact that I've made a career out of them! As a freelance copywriter, I write sales letters and website content for businesses and the amount of money they generate depends on the words I use in their sales copy. It really is as simple as that.

Indeed, the correct choice of words can be the difference between your business pulling in thousands of pounds from a sales letter, or millions!

And that's because certain words possess magical powers! Ok, they're not magic really, but they're as close as they come to it. These "trigger" words, as they're often referred to, can have a hugely positive psychological effect on the prospect, convincing them that the product you're selling is precisely what they need.

So if you want to generate as many orders as possible from your next sales letter, then it's absolutely imperative that you understand what trigger words are, and how to use them.

And below are my top 10...


Trigger word #1. Limited

Informing your readers that you only have a limited number of products available is a powerful motivator. This well-used "scarcity" tactic can be a hugely effective sales tool because it makes the prospect fearful of missing out on the product, and thus hurries them into making a purchasing decision. After all, if they wait too long, they may miss out on the product entirely, and if they've been sold by the copy, they certainly won't want to risk that!

Trigger word #2. Discount

Come on, we all love a bargain don't we? And if we feel like we're getting one, then we're a lot more likely to click on that order button and purchase the product in question. The prospect of getting something for less than its advertised price is a powerful motivator these days, especially in the aftermath of the economic crises when more and more people are looking for bargains than ever before. Virtually every sales letter you see these days has a discounted price, and the simple reason for this is that it works!

Trigger word #3. Guarantee

The presence of a satisfaction or money-back guarantee is a huge factor in whether or not people will buy. Unfortunately, there are of lot of scammers, phishing sites and online fraudsters out there, and consumers need to be sure that you're not one of them. A good way of allaying their fears and convincing them that their money is safe (and you're an honest and reputable business) is to offer a full money-back guarantee at the end of your sales letters, should they change their mind at any point. Your sales will increase if you have one, and that's a guarantee.

Trigger word #4. New

With the ease in which people can create a product and start selling it online these days, the amount of carbon-copy products and regurgitated information has spiralled out of control, and consumers are well aware of it. Added to that, things move fast online, and information that was brand-new a few months ago, might well be old-hat now, especially in fields like SEO. So if your product is fresh and new, be sure to make that clear on all of your sales letters. With so much repetition and re-use online, anything NEW and up-to-date has a great chance of selling.

Trigger word #5. You/Your

The biggest mistake anyone can make when writing sales letters is to talk about themselves. The prospect doesn't care. All they want to know is what the product can do for them. So you need to take the attention away from you, and place it firmly on your reader. You need to speak to them directly, as if the sales letter has been written for them personally. And the best way of doing this is to use the words YOU, YOUR and YOU'RE in your sales letter.

Trigger word #6. Fast

The fact is, we're living in a "microwave society" these days. Everyone wants things done now, and aren't prepared to wait a moment longer! If someone wants to lose weight, they won't embark on a year-long exercise regime and adapt their diet accordingly. They'll get liposuction. Likewise, if someone desperately needs money. They won't get a job at the local supermarket. Instead they'll pay $50 for the latest e-book entitled "How to be a millionaire in 7 days!" So whatever you're selling online, be sure to stress the speed of the results, as well as the fast delivery time at the end of your sales letters.

Trigger word #7. Proven

Not many people will be interested in purchasing a product that hasn't really been tested. They won't want to spend their hard-earned money on something that might give them bigger biceps, a toned torso, more cash or a wrinkle-free face. They will only be compelled to buy if the product has been proven to work, and you can supply sound proof in the form of customer testimonials to support your claims. Prove to your prospects that your products work, and your sales letters will generate a lot of orders.

Trigger word #8. Easy

Come on, who wants to work for anything?! We all want instant results with the minimum amount of effort, right? Of course we do, it's only natural. Life is tough, and whatever problems we're facing, we want an easy solution. So highlighting the ease in which your prospect's problem can be solved with your product is crucial. Naturally, if a lot of work is required, then it's best not to mislead the reader or make false claims, but if your product or service is designed to make their life easier in some way, be sure to include this in your sales letter.

Trigger word #9. Bonus

The days of selling an e-book on its own are long gone. People want more for their money. They want added value, and it's your job to give it to them. And in order to provide them with added value and consequently increase your chances of making a sale, you need to include BONUSES. By definition, the word "bonus" implies something extra, and it's a powerful trigger word. The more times you use it, and the more bonuses you give, the greater your chances will be of making that sale.

Trigger word #10. Free

When it comes to marketing, "free" is the most powerful and response inducing word of all time! It's one of the most effective trigger words you can use in your sales letters, and as a result, it's a word you should definitely use if you want to boost your orders. A good place to use it is alongside the bonus items, which will help you to increase the perceived value of your offer.

So there you have it...

You now have ten hugely powerful trigger words that you can use in all of your sales letters, and I can absolutely guarantee their inclusion will boost your conversion rate!

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