Thursday, December 22, 2011

Article Marketing Needs to Be Information Sharing

Author: Dave Cleinman

It's becoming harder and harder to sell people products and services. Competition is extreme. Thousands of options, countless merchants, megastores like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ebay, and so on often carry products that are similar to mlm and affiliate offers. Selling a service is not much easier. In a town where there are three hundred doctors, for example, why would someone choose to visit Dr. Adams instead of Dr. Lee? The answer to this question is also the solution to the sales dilemma.

Dr. Adams office can get more business by proving they are worthy of it. We can sell our MLM or affiliate products by demonstrating their particular benefits. But, even more important is how we do this. In both cases, beneficial information that answers a question or solves a dilemma will sell a product or service far easier and with more success than direct sales. Simply put, trust increases sales. We can gain others' trust in us by sharing information that aids them and does not directly request a sale. Once the visitor to our site has received beneficial information, instead of a sales pitch, they will be many times more likely to choose to buy what we are offering.

Articles accomplish this fairly well, but what really ices the cake is a link that brings our reader to a site that continues this information sharing, combined with an easy to see place to buy the solution that they are seeking, be it acne relief, extra income, vitamins or supplements, sports equipment, or anything that helps them find the answer to their particular question.

We need to avoid sounding like a television commercial, a used car salesperson, or a political ad. Direct sales efforts are not effective and are becoming less so as time goes on. At this point in time, as we are inundated with more and more ads on TV, in newspapers, on websites, and so on, we have grown to dislike and distrust advertisements. The most successful ads share the benefits of their offer. They show the person seeing the ad exactly how they will benefit by purchasing the product or service. We need to do the same. Unlike a TV ad, however, which we will see dozens of times, we have only one shot, usually, to capture the attention and trust of a website visitor or reader. In that single visit, we must convince the person to stay and learn more, add their name to our email list, bookmark our page, and buy from us. This can only happen through a rapid build-up of trust. And that is best accomplished through specific, useful, and quality information.

Articles, blog posts, even our mailings to subscribers should be information rich and sales light. The rewards over time will be well worth the effort of creating content instead of sales copy.

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Thanks for reading! I'm Dave Cleinman, free-lance writer and internet marketer, I love to work with people from all walks of life and help them achieve true success. Join my Articles and Success Directory and share your articles with my 30,000 readers! For a head start with your article marketing, check out my Article Marketer's Guide, the Inexpensive solution to the dilemmas many article marketers face.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Writing effective press releases - it's never too late to learn

Author: Barney Thom

Are you growing tired of none of your press releases being used?

Whether it's for a newspaper, magazine or a website, the content must be absolutely perfect in order for an editor to think about using it.

You could change all of this, by enrolling on a PR course.

Below is the kind of thing that you would learn, whilst studying on a PR course.

STAGE FOUR: Gathering information

Each press release must be COMPLETE – factually. There's nothing journalists hate more than having to ring you up, or e-mail you, to chase up missing details. You will need:

  • First names and surnames of everyone involved (if the vice president's wife likes to be called Mrs M Feliciano, tell her it's either Muriel, or nothing!)
  • Job titles.
  • Where they work.
  • Age and home location in human stories.
  • Full titles and addresses of organisations.
  • Dates, times, places and maps for events.
  • Remember the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY.

STAGE FIVE: Consider the extras

As mentioned earlier, try to make each press release market-specific, in terms of content, writing style, approach etc.

Also consider enticements:

  • Photos – but make sure they are properly captioned, left to right, with the first names and surnames on the back – spelt correctly – and the job titles if necessary.
  • Competitions.
  • Reader offers and promotions.

And consider other activities to back up the release:

  • Hold a press conference.
  • Have an open day.
  • Put on an event.
  • Make people available for interview.
  • Provide a press pack – a branded folder that includes a press release, photos and other ingredients like CDs or DVDs promoting the company, brochures, leaflets etc.

STAGE SIX: Setting out the release

  • Type them accurately – perfectly … get each one proof read. Use12pt Helvetica, justified, double spaced.
  • Put your client's name at the top, together with CONTACT NUMBERS – preferably 24/7.
  • Use templates – these breed familiarity (which will be helpful if the recipients perceive your releases as being useful. If they aren't then that familiarity will speed their journey to the bin).
  • Include an EMBARGO (ie a date and time before which the release should not be used) if necessary – at the top.
  • Use a precise heading – not fluffy – clearly stating what you are offering and where it's for.
  • Put a note at the end about picture possibilities and if people are available for interview etc.
  • Include a standard statement of ‘Notes to the editor' about the company at the end – to accompany every release. This should be the same every time – a brief, bullet-pointed statement of who the client is, what they do, how long they have being doing it, where they are based, key achievements and features. But don't overdo it.

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Barney Thom

CTJT Creative Director

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Main Purpose of SEO Article Writing

Author: Shampa

SEO articles are considered as the ideal techniques of building well-informative content in order to prop up your product or your web page. The word SEO itself means that you will have to publish articles so that it can easily be crawled by major search engines like Google, Yahoo so that it can be found in the home page for a particular key terms. Any type of SEO articles are most of time is complete of belongings of key terms.

The thing you must comprehend about SEO content is that it's not just the procedure of determining and using key terms on your article writing. Not only that, it's about teaching and assisting your visitors. You're applying your content so they'll become more retrievable in the online area. Just you have to take care that they're of premium quality in order to make an impression on your viewers to visit your website.

The article writer and search engines goes hand in hand as unless the author use particular concept in the articles, none of the search engine would be able to go by the appropriate key terms. So, both of them supplement each other. As a way to begin the procedure of SEO writing, at first we need to get hold of such authors who publish for different SEOs. After that, we need to go by certain regulations to create accessibility of the SEO articles online. Some of the steps that need to be taken into action are as follows:

The first step is to decide on which topic you're going to write and how to use the keywords in correct place. Publish with the aim to reply the concerns that your viewers might have. Try to deal with their discovering needs and write your content in such a way that you can help these individuals quickly comprehend your opinions and thoughts. Keep your content shorter and much classified. Internet surfers merely dislike those contents that contain fluffs and additives. Also, create use of topic details and subheads whenever possible as these can create your content more scan able as well as simple on the eyes of the viewers.

After that create your content in to make it search engine-friendly. Make sure that each keyword expresses your article very clearly. As well, we need to consider a widespread concept that we need not have to put various key terms in 1 SEO post. In this situation, by positioning some of the search phrase would be fixing our objective. In this way, we need to begin positioning each search phrase in appropriate locations and that has to be between phrases. However, wherever or whatever search phrase we would be positioning, all such concept has to be significant. We cannot take opportunity in any of the above described aspects.

Lastly proofread your article once before making it live. One of the most important actions is to have a look at your content. Read thoroughly. Make sure that your content moves effortlessly and that your opinions are offered in a sensible approach. Then, have a look at your content for sentence structure and other mistakes. If any, make necessary changes and make sure your content are perfect before you spread them in the online area.

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Bulk SEO Content is a premier content writing company with a professional team of passionate and talented writers. Affordable content writing services will surely serve you with success. For more information visit

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How to Get the Best Results with Article Marketing Online

Author: Deb Lamb

Image Courtesy of alptionweb/ photobucketToo many people are giving up on their article marketing campaigns because they aren‘t getting the results they expected. These are the people who only post a handful of articles to one or two directories and wait for the magic to happen. When they don't see a huge return for their meager efforts, they throw in the towel and then spread the word that marketing their articles online isn't worth the trouble. Not only are those people ruining their own chances of success, but they're scaring off other people who are considering article marketing online.

In order to get the best results with article marketing, it's important to know what your plan of action needs to be from the start. With this information at the ready, you'll be better equipped in your online content marketing campaign. To make your articles work best for you, here are some things you need to know:

Do thorough keyword research and make a list. You want to have a stockpile of keywords and keyword phrases that are appropriate for your industry. You can use a tool like Google's free keyword tool or invest in a professional tool like Market Samurai. You want to focus on keywords that are going to help you rank highly in search results.

Write an article for all of your keywords. Try to set a daily goal of writing one article. If your talent for writing isn't too strong, consider hiring a ghostwriter. Many ghostwriters are knowledgeable in SEO practices.

Submit to a wide variety of directories. Every directory offers different options. Different niches perform better on one site than another. When you distribute your articles to a lot of directories, you can determine which ones are giving you better results in your article marketing campaign.

Track each article's performance. Knowing which articles are performing best and each directory gives you an idea of what your search rankings will be. Then you can focus your efforts on the better performing keywords.

Fine-tune to your articles. When you track the performance of your articles, you'll begin to notice which titles are capturing more hits and which ones are only doing okay. Then you can tweak a little here and there. For example, maybe titles written as a question get more readers than those that are straightforward.

Use what you've learned to boost your traffic. Once you've observed what is working best in your article marketing campaign, you can start duplicating what you learned in your future articles.

Remember, article marketing isn't supposed to be easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. If you want to see fantastic results, you have to put your best efforts into what you write and how you distribute.

Have you been discouraged in your article marketing efforts? What have you done to overcome those obstacles? Let us know!

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Deb Lamb is an expert and professional SEO Article Writer, Ghostwriter and Internet Marketer who has authored hundreds of articles published on the web. She helps online business owners generate traffic to their website, become recognized experts in their industry, build an online reputation, create backlinks, and increase search engine rankings. Please visit her Ghostwriting website and sign up to receive her FREE article marketing and internet marketing tips.

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Fed up with your press releases never being used?

Author: Barney Thom

Are you fed up of your press releases never being used?

Whether it's a new great event coming up, or band or artist that you are trying to promote – it's always a struggle to write content that will grab the editor's attention enough to use.

Well you could make a change for the better, and enrol on a PR course!

Below is just a taster of the sort of thing you'll learn, once enrolled on a PR course.

Select your subject

Make a rule not to send releases out for the sake of it – only send them when your client has something to say. There is nothing worse than organisations that pump out releases like a machine gun – news editors end up binning them all … the good with the bad.

  • Ask yourself: what am I trying to achieve with this release? Write it down in one sentence. If you can't decide, then don't go any further until you can. A press release without a purpose has little, if any, value.
  • But DON'T limit yourself to the obvious subjects. News Editors expect every press release to be a plug for your company. So be more subtle. Look for –
  • Employee activities – sports, charity, achievement.
  • Employee successes – long service; special achievement; someone who has won an award.
  • New recruits – unusual backgrounds or stories?
  • People leaving – is there a story to tell?
  • Staff who went out of their way to help a reader / client.
  • Human stories – the blind girl who can now use the internet because of your client's software.
  • Company successes – sales, profits, new contracts.
  • Events.
  • New company initiatives – production methods etc.

These will help raise your client's media profile – without being too blatant about it. And you can slip in your client's key messages more subtly, along the way.

You will soon discover that many of your clients will not like this approach. They want the release to be ABOUT THEM. FULL STOP. The chairman wants his name in the intro, and the vice president thinks that he should be in the second par. Then a meeting of a corporate communications department decides that the product's name and serial number must be in the second par, too.

The result? The release is written for their benefit, rather than the recipient's (ie the journalist's) – and the chairman, vice president and the corporate communications department will later moan at you because their press release was not used!

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Barney Thom

CTJT Creative Director

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Need for Strong Online Presence through Blogs

Author: Kevin Fernandez

Promotion of your product becomes easy through blog writing. Blog writing is easy and does not need technological expertise, which makes it popular among several businessmen and managers. publishing content regularly is required in order to attain your promotion goals. That's why an expert blog writer, to create a good blog for you, has to be employed by which you can also save money and time.

Say Who You are.

Blogging is an informal way through which customers are told about your firm's products and services, giving the info credibility. Manuals, brochures and suggestions can be offered through blogs.

Flaunt the Specialist Tag.

As it is cheap and extremely easy to maintain, a blog enables you to post and edit content on your site without much difficulty. In addition to this, you can also post recent surveys carried out in the industry, statistics, new trends capturing the market on your company blog so that a lot of other websites link to your site for relevant and trusted information. This influences page ranking in a big way as Google, a favorite search engine among web users, consider sites like these for higher page ranks. If other good sites depend on your blog for content, your credibility increases.

Advertise Your Offers.

Blogs provide you a means for frequent communication with existing and prospective consumers easily. Updating with blog with latest discount provides, deals and beneficial info can draw consumers and convince them for buying your product. Also, interesting and intriguing articles will keep your consumers on the website and increase the traffic as more and more people start sharing them. Even though blogs can not help to increase the sales of your product immensely, they can persuade people to consider your product first.

Keeping in Touch with Customers.

Consumers can interact with you anytime they desire to through blogs. By answering their queries and clearing their doubts related to your product category, you can project yourself as an expert. Creating an online group of existing customers can help you win other people's trust.

Blog writing opens up a lot of ways to market your business in a cost-effective way. If managing your business blog is tough on an everyday basis, hire a qualified blog writer who can create good content by which your relation with the customers gets stronger than before.

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For affordable and reliable SEO copywriting service and cheap article writing service, contact Godot Content Services.

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Tips will help you learn how to overcome writer's block

Author: Rebecca Roy

Writers block is condition of the writers in which writer is unable to produce new writing. This is caused primarily due to loss of inspiration or creativity. Writers block are something which every professional writer experience during the course of their professional carrier. Writers block is associated with full time writers, writer's poops up due to lack of motivation or any kind of excitement in their writing work. There are many ways to overcome writers block. Sometime the topic of writing is too monotonous, Writers have to write same thing again and again. If this is the case it is utmost important to avoid it. Try something new; go for new topics which you love most to write about. To overcome writers block, forcing creativity and intellectual capacity to a maximum extent should be stopped immediately. The topic which doesn't excite the writer should not be written at all.

Taking break from your work is excellent way to beat writers block. Small break from your work or may be a vacation can help to beat writers block. Breaks are good ways for breaking the monotonous routine of your life. It also instills you with fresh energy.

In spite of all these you are still stuck with writer's block of your conditions. Then you can get help from websites. There are many websites, which give you writers block help. One very logical writers block help is to think writing as your regular profession rather than art or creativity. Making mindset like this one can avail writers block help.

Changing the place of work can also serve as getting over writers block. Writing in the same place every day, tend to make you block. Changing the place of your work like sitting in your garden with fresh air can help you to overcome writers block.

With little planning and systematic following of those planning you can cure writers block. Do something entirely different, which you generally don't do in your regular life. Developing some hobby can help top cure writers block. This hobby can be anything but of course not related with writing. You can take up gardening or learning violin to cure writers block. A writer should not be too hard on himself or herself. At times this over pushing of oneself towards writing is the cause of writers block. Just be easy and natural with yourself to beat the heat.

Writers block are not gender specific, they happen to both male and female folk. But women are said to be more prone to writers block. Women writers block can be cure by many ways. Working on the same project ought to give you writers block. To avoid it, it is utmost important to work on more than one project at a time. This gives the writer variation in work which eventually helps to keep women writers block at bay.

Entertainment therapy is the perfect solution to beat writers block. You can go for self indulgent. Self indulgent comes under entertainment therapy. This cure not only writers block but parallel other problem of your life gets an outlay.

For more information visit us at

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Rebecca Roy is an author of this article who writes about the importance of Overcome Writers Block, Women Writers Block, and Writers Block Help. She has also mentioned some tips about Beat Writers Block, Entertainment Therapy and Cure Writers Block.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Benefits of hiring a professional Article Writing Company

Author: Jason Aldein

Success of a website lies on many factors. One of them is content that forms the base of every website. Website content should be informative as well as functional, proving productive to its target segment. You surely would not want your website to be filled with well formatted lame texts that serves nothing! Make sure your content is drafted uniquely, holding a supreme position when it comes to quality.

Remember, if you want your website to stand out in the crowd of millions, you have to pay attention to the content structure. This is the only way out through which your website can gain a firm ground among the search engine biggies. If the content of your site is unique and attractive, you won't have to worry much about the marketing part. Such benefit can be achieved through the professional assistance of a reputed article writing company.

Website content and high page ranks are interrelated and it should go hand in hand if you want your website to rank higher in the online medium. Even the performance of a website highly depends on these two factors that should be balanced through effective strategies. For example, if your website is lacking quality content, you can certainly hire professional article writing services and balance out the deficit area.

Content writing companies are known for producing well researched quality content that are considered highly readable as well as comprehensible among the online users. Whatever content requirements you have, an article writing firm produces ‘bang on' results, projecting your company website in just the right way, and it is indeed worthy of your investments!

Let us now focus on some of the benefits of hiring a professional content writing firm:-

  • You get 100% original and quality content from a professional content writing firm that cannot be achieved through any other way. This is the biggest advantage of hiring a professional content writing service and is also the main reason why these firms are increasingly becoming the ‘talk of the town!" Online business is all about strong presence and a website is best run if it is having superior quality content serving the purpose of marketing as well. Websites with quality content automatically gets quality marketing that eventually takes an online business to the zenith.
  • Excellent turnaround time is another reason why content writing firms are in high demand. The online medium is all about meeting deadlines because here time is equivalent to money. A slight delay in placing the content online could give way to your competition to go ahead in the race. And that is where a content writing company wins over the bet by promising to save both your time and money through timely turnarounds.
  • You can Concentrate on other business imperatives by hiring a professional content writing service for it paves way for you to pay heed to other business imperatives like finances, costing, meeting with important clients, etc.
  • You can get varied contents with content writing company by your side. You can experiment with a variety of write-ups. Professional content writers are versatile enough to generate different kinds of written pieces right from articles, blogs, PR's, product reviews, etc, that will also help in website marketing.

The benefits stated above makes it clear that a professional content writing firm is all game to give you a distinct face within the online medium.

For More Information:

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About the Author

Jason Aldein works in a reputed content writing company and he has authored a number of articles on article writing .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Content Development – 3 Effective Strategies

Author: TJ Philpott

Content development is one of the core strategies found in every money making business the internet has to offer! The reason for this is simple since information is the single biggest commodity found online and is therefore used for communication and creative marketing purposes! Whether it is websites, blogs, sales copy, newsletters or even email there is an ongoing demand for useful or otherwise compelling information! Hence the need for content creation and the establishment of some type of strategy to keep up with this consistent demand!

Here are 3 commonly used content creation strategies employed by many with great results on the internet!

Original Idea

This approach is the most challenging since not everybody is blessed with an overabundance of creativity. However due to the originality of the information that is produced this particular tactic is most effective for any creative marketing campaign! Whether it is through personal experiences, acquired knowledge or even thought provoking circumstances there are many ways to come up with ideas of your own for content creation purposes!

Credit Others

Another quick and relatively easy way to 'produce' useful information is to look for it in the finished version! It is very common and actually acceptable to use the work of another provided the author is clearly credited! This particular tactic is not used so much for creative marketing purposes as it is for providing 'filler' material such as for use on a blog! It is always important to remember to credit your sources when using this approach since failure to do so can lead to you being discredited online and rightfully so!

All of the Above

Taking the gist of others and actually formulating something uniquely your own is a pretty cool and creative approach to take. Quite often all you need to do is look at the summary or even the title of another authors work to give you ideas or a fresh new direction to take since not everybody will have the same perspective! This is probably the most commonly used tactic for content creation used on the internet!

Content development is one of the most consistently needed and used strategies for any money making business online. Being that good quality information is at the core of any creative marketing campaign the need for content creation is a continual one! Remember information is the single biggest commodity the internet has to offer and as an entrepreneur it will serve as your online currency! The 3 strategies discussed above are use with great effectiveness by many online for the purpose of content creation! The best part is they are very adaptable to the many varying needs online and the individual talent levels of the people who used them!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about the role of content development in your business and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit:

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SEO Content Writing: What You Need In Order To Succeed

Author: Tess Tackett

There are many individuals that are starting to turn to SEO content writing in order to make money. While many may not succeed in the world of freelance writing, there are some individuals that are able to succeed. Below, we are going to tell you what you need in order to succeed.

Good Grammar - Of course, if you plan on making money out of writing, you need to have good grammar. If you do not have good grammar, before you even start to find clients, you need to touch up on it.

Motivation - Without motivation, how do you expect to get anywhere? In order to get anywhere in this world, you need to have motivation. You need to be motivated to get up each day and write a select amount of articles.

Deadline - You must be able to meet deadlines. If you start out by missing a deadline with a client, they will not think very highly of you. If you really want to get somewhere in the writing world, you need to be able to meet deadlines. Sure, missing deadlines from time to time is fine, but you should not constantly come up with excuses.

Keyword Placement - When you are writing for an SEO content writing business, you need to know how to place keywords in your articles. You should never use the keyword too many times in a given article. If you write a 500 word article, for example, the keyword should not appear in it more than 7 times. If it does, then you are over stuffing the keyword. Mind you, it isn't just keywords you have to worry about - it is every word. You need to learn how to use synonyms and do so properly. When readers are reading something, if they see the same words over and over, they will start to get bored.

Write Interesting Articles - The articles you write should be interesting. SEO content writing not only involves placing the keywords in there properly, but also creating articles that are fun and exciting to read. If you articles are not interesting, then the reader will get bored from your writing. Not only should the work be interesting, but it should also be informative.

In the end, if you are interested in SEO content writing, you need to know what you are doing. You should never start out blindly. You need to study everything from the prices to the tools that are used when selecting keywords.

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Need fresh, quality content? Our SEO content writing services are second to none. We know SEO, and we know content - making us the preferred provider for well-written, effective articles, web pages and more. Also consider our ghost writing services.

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Article Marketing - How To Use It To Get Free Traffic

Author: Debbie Miller


Article marketing can be an effective way of getting more free traffic from the search engines, increasing your number of backlinks and building trust and rapport in your market or niche. The key to getting good results is to have a good strategy in place that you can use for a long enough time period until you start getting your desired results.

The reason why so many people don't believe in using article marketing as a way of growing a business, is because they are looking for immediate results. This brings to mind an old saying that goes "Easy come, Easy go".

To build some thing of lasting value, like a longterm profitable business, it does involve longterm effort. But once you have put forth the effort and start getting results, you will reach a point where a little bit of effort on your part will start producing a whole lot of results for you. This does take time but it is a goal that is definitely achievable.

So, how can you make article marketing work for you ?

Here are some article marketing key points to remember :

1.) Make your article informative, entertaining or useful.

2.) Use your keyword in an interesting way in the title of your article.

3.) Use your keyword in your first sentence.

4.) Use your keyword once in every 100 - 150 words.

5.) Use related keywords in your article.

6.) Use your keyword in subheadings.

7.) Use bullet points or a list when possible.

8.) Use your keyword in the last paragraph.

With these key points in mind, you now need an effective marketing strategy to work from. Here are some good suggestions to help you get started.

1.) Create a keyword list of at least 21 long-tail keyword phrases. Long-tail keywords are 3 or more keyword combinations that make up one keyword phrase, for example "article marketing strategy" is a long-tail keyword.

These should be keywords that get a good amount of search volume, (you can check using Google's keyword tool). and they should not have too much competition. This amount will vary from niche to niche and you will get better at picking good keywords with practice.

2.) Create one or more articles per day based on your keyword list. Even if you don't want to write the article yourself, you will get much better results if you discipline yourself to write the first set of articles yourself. After you have completed your first set, you can then start outsourcing your article writing and you will have a better understanding of what it takes to create a quality article.

3.) Start submitting your articles to the article directories on a daily basis for twenty-one days in a row. You should pick at least 5 - 10 top directories to submit to. Some directories like (ezinearticles) will require a unique, original article, but then after they have published it, you can then submit it to other directories as well.

This is a simple 3 step process that you can use to get you started creating your own free traffic sources and growing your business. By learning how to create your own good articles you will be building your communications skills, creating trust and rapport with your readers and earning the respect of others by demonstrating your expertise in your chosen area. Article marketing will take some time and effort to learn but once you do that you will be able to enjoy the rewards and benefits of it for a lifetime.

Article Source:

About the Author

Articles 4 Newbies is a complete beginners guide to learning how to write articles that will help you start getting traffic to your website and generating online income. Click here to learn more Articles 4 newbies.

Also, here is where you can learn about more of the benefits of Article Marketing Online to grow your online business.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Increase the website traffics with SEO content writers

Author: Amit Kothiyal

Dedicated web content writers are the professional writers who can ease your work by converting your projects the way exactly your business demands. The SEO content writers work as a dedicated resources perfectly according to your thoughts and business requirements and convert it into an optimized and keyword rich quality content.

SEO writers have many qualities that bring your business into profits since they can bring higher conversion rate with a good readable effect on the visitors. The matters of their content are in consistent process and are approachable and above all the content writing services bring sales to the websites and as a result bring profits to the websites. With better branding and high quality content, the result is flawless and impressive and easily fits the business branding and services.

All the articles and press releases written by the SEO writers are keywords rich, grammatically correct, meaningful, original (fresh) and are impressive. It is written so skillfully that the contents or the website ranks highest in the search engine list and that is the motto of any website owner. More the readability, the topper the websites link on the search engine's lists.

SEO content writing requires careful balance between the readability and proper usage of keywords in the content. To attain the high page rankings of the websites and more sales beyond the expectation is the main objective of the SEO writers. By implementing the SEO content writing projects one can present the correct image of their brands, products or services. The professional web content writers present informational and well researched contents with the proper implementation of keywords on the statements which help in getting better ranking in the search engine lists.

Here are some of the benefits that may drag you to hire professional SEO content writers:-

  • To get the website indexed faster.
  • With targeted keywords get your website ranking on the top list.
  • To increase the number of one way back links.
  • With more traffics you can achieve more sales.
  • Prompt and rapid turnaround of the content.
  • With interactive and impressive contents, you can hold your readers for longer time to your website.
  • You can get in tune with project requirements.
  • You can get your online presence for longer time and effectively.
  • Keyword rich targeted content increase your online presence.

So the best way to find your company on the top of the SEO list and to increase the traffics is by hiring the best SEO content writers. You can find many online companies available which can help you to hire the best SEO writers to enhance your communication and update your progress. With exclusive attention and complete project control, the web content writers are readily available with the best web content writing services.

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Hire professional SEO content writers & make your web content work for business. has a professional team of content writers are experts in writing rich content, web content writing and blog writing.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What Are Ultra Spinnable Articles?

Author: Carlita Gonzalez

There's a hype going on all over the internet about ultra spinnable articles and maybe that's the reason what brought you to this article. What are ultra spinnable articles? Ultra spinnable articles are actually revisions of an original article spun with quality so high you'd think they're the real thing. I personally believe that spun articles are unique in their own right. So what if two or more articles are coincidentally identical in substance? What if you wrote an article first and somebody just happened to have the same train of thought as you had and created an identical one? If that other guy had the chance to post his article ahead of you then that would be enough basis for Google to forfeit your ownership.

Anyways, ultra spinnable articles are written by real people and the processes these articles undergo are meticulous. A team of writers is tasked to write one article with paragraphs to be spun and rewritten five times each. So a 500-word article would bring about thousands of unique articles obtained from the article source.

Spun revisions are generated by randomly modifying sentences and phrases around and checking if the revisions are not an eyesore to the readers. There are free article spinning software available such as Spinchimp to aid you in synonym substitution. This is one way you can significantly cut the time spent in researching for synonyms. In addition, Spinchimp has some great features such as "part of speech" processing engine that can provide you an almost human-generated spun version and the ability to spin offline when you temporarily lose internet connection at home.

The only big advantage an ultra spinnable article has over an automated spun article is its unmatched quality because it is written by real human writers. You'd rather have a thousand different versions of an ultra spinnable article with great content than have a thousand spun revisions generated from an article spinning software which will lead you eventually to proofread them all one by one. But then again you should expect a heavy price tag since human writers, unlike an article spinning software, drink beer to keep them going.

The quality of these ultra spinnable articles is so high you could use them on your website to make Google happy. Honestly until now I still can't believe it is possible to feed something with phrases and sentences. I should have been more attentive to English classes back then.

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Carlita Gonzalez is a freelance writer who's been writing articles for Aktura Technology, the creator of Spinchimp, a free article spinner. Learn more about article spinning software using the most advanced and the best article spinner in the market today!

Article Spinning: What Is It All About?

Author: Carlita Gonzalez

One of the most popular search engine optimization techniques that website owners use to position their websites better and quicker in search engines is article spinning or article rewriting. What is article spinning? Article spinning is simply creating a new version of an already existing document by spinning or modifying its sentences and paragraphs while keeping the essence of the article. Article rewriting is more than just replacing words with synonyms, as this is nothing but a vain attempt to produce spun versions of the original source in the shortest time possible. For some reason people are in a hurry these days to get their websites ranked up immediately to the top and get the traffic they've been wanting to have with little consideration on the spun versions' content quality by using an article spinning software (which will be discussed later in this article). Actually, article rewriting is one way to avoid the penalties in the Search Engine Results Pages for exploiting redundant content. In addition, extra care should be observed when choosing a source document to be spun by checking if it's under an exclusive copyright or at least, ask permission from the owner to avoid any legal issue arising like copyright infringement. Article spinning is an art that requires writers a meticulous nature and a perfectionist attitude.

Article rewriting, if done properly, can significantly help article marketers and website owners get their websites to the top of Google's ranking. As a matter of fact, website owners hire writers to spin or rewrite articles manually or automatically using article spinner software. Writers can also make good business out of article rewriting by selling spun articles to clients. No matter how good a writer you are there will come a time when you're run out of ideas to write thus slowing you down in finishing your article. In this case, the article spinning software comes into play!

There are myriad of article spinning software out in the market today and these software applications help you spin articles quickly by automatically replacing words and phrases. In the process of doing so you may observe that the spun article may sound like funny or an eyesore to read but then again let me remind you that these article spinning software are created to facilitate your article rewriting gig. The best spinning software that generates the most natural sounding and readable articles is SpinChimp. SpinChimp also has a built-in thesaurus that is updated daily so you can be sure you get a variety of choices to make your spun revisions readable.

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Carlita Gonzalez is a freelance writer who's been writing articles for Aktura Technology, the creator of Spinchimp, a free article spinner. Learn more about article spinning software using the most advanced and the best article spinner in the market today!

Tips To Get The Best Results In Article Spinning

Author: Carlita Gonzalez

Without a doubt article marketing is the most effective search engine optimization technique to catapult your website to a higher page rank if done the right way. Similarly, there is no doubt that it will take much of your time and energy, as writing high quality articles require research and manual proofreading for syntax errors and readability. There are, however, some tips on how to write or spin articles the fast way.

Experienced article writers use numbers into their articles because they can easily spin them to words and vice-versa. When you have a sentence in your article like, "I saw 100 cows in my dream last night", you can simply change "100" to "a hundred" or "one hundred".

It won't hurt your article if you spin all contractions contained therein but you should be careful when to do it. A sentence that reads "I have two hands" would sound weird if you contract "I" and "have", giving you this sentence, "I've two hands".

Modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs have lots of synonyms so make sure you have loads of them in your article. This is one way also you can maximize the use of an article spinning software, since most article spinning programs have a built-in thesaurus. It will be easy for you to look for related words to be included in the spintax.

You can also spin the anchor texts in your articles to provide you some additional variations. For example, if you have these anchor texts "free article spinning software" you can have something like this, "free article spinner" or "free article spinner software" or "free article spinning program".

Nothing beats your article if you spin it yourself. No computer program has ever been created so far to perfectly simulate how the human brain works. Automated spun articles are still understandable but they just don't make any sense to a human reader.

It seems that the battle between automated article spinning and manual article spinning has been finally laid to rest in this article. Anyone who thinks human skills can be replaced by automated processes, especially in the search engine optimization game, should think again. Automated spinners are developed to aid us and to make article rewriting a walk in the park. Ultimately, it is human writing skills that decide for great content and high quality. Spinchimp, a free article spinning software, is already out in the market today to make your article rewriting efficient and fast.

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Carlita Gonzalez is a freelance writer who's been writing articles for Aktura Technology, the creator of Spinchimp, a free article spinner. Learn more about article spinning software using the most advanced and the best article spinner in the market today!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Developing a Business through Copywriting

Author: kirbysebastion

Copywriting is a written form of advertising. When a jingle lyric, tagline, or web page content is written to advertise a product or its manufacturer, it is copywriting. In business, this term may refer to the process of producing an advertising idea or to the produced idea itself. Today, various industries invest in online advertising through copywriting more than offline promotion, where only a small group of potential clients is generated.

To provide a business with an excellent copywriting service, some points need to be taken down. Copywriting, as an advertising technique, requires basic and complex knowledge about marketing and the people's behavior. Understanding the trend in the consumers' interest will outline the best marketing strategy. The goal of copywriting is to persuade the consumers to buy a certain product or service through what they read. This task mainly base on the background information gathered and analyzed in the market study.

A business must determine its target market—generally, the consumers and their possible behavior towards a product—properly before proceeding with copywriting. A copywriting team suited for the job must think like the target market. Sometimes, copywriting fails to meet the advertising requirements because copywriters tend to write about what they think of the product or service more than how the consumers think about it.

Copywriting aims to answer all possible questions from the consumer before they are asked. An informative copywriting service develops easy communication between the company and the consumer, which eventually turns into sales. Because the material being read by the consumer benefits them in one way or another, they will tend to patronize the product it advertises.

A focused, clear and concise copywriting is an effective material for persuasion. Either a long or a short copy can be more than effective when information is easy to understand, although some copywriting services require flowery or technical writing to make a persuade with a different approach. Conversational writing also helps build long-term relationships with clients and other firms for business partnerships.

Copywriting is also effective when the content influences the consumer to immediately get the product or take advantage of the service. Boldness in asking the consumer through the content will help the web pages or content of the business to get more website traffic. Website traffic determines how effective advertising through copywriting is.

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How Professional Blog Writing Services can help you build a brand Image?

Author: Amit Kothiyal

Blogs provide a viable platform to share views, thoughts and experiences. Almost every known and even unfamiliar individual is using this medium to gain popularity and to build an esteemed brand image. Blogs belong to a unique world called blogosphere and thus the imperative reason of their tremendous popularity. The importance of Blog writers can be highlighted by looking at the fact that the internet has become a popular destination for every required product or service.

There are numerous professional writers who offer expert content writing services and expertise in the blog writing services. Blog writing ensures an economical way of publicizing products and services over the internet. Though blogs are personal experiences shared on websites or other forums, it becomes necessary for most individuals to hire blog writers to write impressive and attractive blogs. Professional writers are further equipped with the vast flair to understand what the client wants to publish, thereby giving words to his/her thoughts and actions.

If you hire content writer, you can sit back and relax about the fact that your blogs would contain finest of contents, and thus help you improve your brand image by attaining better search results. Professional blog writing services can add the required punch to blogs and thus make them readable again and again by the visitors.

There are numerous companies that offer diligent blog writing services, the topics being almost anything on this globe. Be it an author's blog, a dancer's blog, a blog on oil producing company, or a website publishing food recipes, blogs form an integral part of every website and every single piece of information published online.

Though blogs seem to be an easy piece of writing, it is always better to hire blog writers, as it would save a lot of time. Moreover, professional writers have a clear idea about what would draw more traffic and what content would invite maximum responses and views.

Furthermore, professional blog writing services can help make your blogs more search engine friendly, which involves careful usage of suitable keywords and phrases. Most blog writers go through deep researches and gather all possible information, which would help making a blog more informative and reader friendly.

And if that does not furnish enough reasons to hire blog writers, this one surely would. Professional blog writers take responsibility of the entire act of blogging, which includes the content, research, blogging and responses to the views and comments.

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Get your blog written by professional blog writers and make your blog popular by rich contents and better content writing services. Hire blog writing services to make your business sound among your competitors. For more information visit :

Is Your Content "Putting Off" Consumers?

Author: Webwriter777

There is absolutely nothing more important to your business - than getting your "message out there" in a manner, which is clear and concise. "Plain talk, easy speech, Clear writing" put it however you want; if your content is all "primped," and "puffed up, "with "important" sounding words and phrases; (meant to "impress, "or "sound smart") your content will leave your reader confused, put-off, and uncertain about what is being said.

Leave the collegiate speak at home! It does not work in the business environment. (Except at the black-tie business dinner) Consider the following examples:

"The intrinsic variables distinct to the parameters found within the commodities markets allay to necessitate a stringent post-analysis prior to infusing cash."


Instead, "The many variables found within the commodities markets require investors to do some proper research before investing."

The sentences above have the same basic meaning. Which would you rather read? This same style of writing (clear and concise) should be used in all of the copy that represents you and your business.

When it comes to Web marketing, Web Content Writing, Internet Sales Writing, Direct Mail, or other promotional type messages, keeping it simple goes a long way towards how people "perceive" your content.

The last thing you would want to do is confuse or "put off" your readers. It is quite possible to still sound intelligent; without drowning your consumers with content that is hard to extract the exact meaning from.

After all not only is your copy a reflection on you, you want your content to make you money. (While making you look good in the process)

It will literally pay you to be clear. Not only will you get more traffic through natural organic search engine results, your Page Rank in Google search will improve. Give your content a good look - Is your copy doing a grade "A" job?

Your content may simply need a rewrite, or partial rewrite, edit, or tweak. You may be quite surprised to see how much a difference you make in sales (or lead generation) by giving your content a little professional attention.

I have seen clients get as much as a 600% increase in sales, by having their content rewritten in the "clear and concise" language. How many Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and other promotional content pages suffer the demise of being clicked off of - because the reader became confused, put off, or agitated by trying to make sense out of poorly written content?

When it comes to sentence structure - what easily makes perfect sense to you, could possibly cause some people to lose interest, not fully understand, or become confused and click away in disgust.

The way people "perceive" a written message can vary greatly between readers. Their attention span, their understanding, and reading levels will invariably be different, because people are such complex creatures.

This country is full of many multinationals. English is the primary language of America, but English is not the first language of millions of Americans. If most people could use your product or service - wouldn't you want them to understand the meaning and message of your content?

Custom Web Copywriter Stephen E. Monday AAA Web Copy Services

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Professional Web Copywriter, Creative Writer: I craft Custom Sales and Landing Pages that get outstanding results.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creating Content Where Readers Find Value

Author: TJ Philpott

When creating content online always remember that every reader has a different definition of what 'value' means to them! When writing content it is unrealistic to expect to be 'all things to all people' but on the other hand you do want to compose something you know others will have an interest in reading! The point here is you can't expect to please everybody all the time but by changing up your content delivery you should be able to appeal to a broader audience! The delivery we speak of here is 'how' what you compose comes across to people in the way it's written! Different methods hold a different value for readers so by mixing up your content delivery style you can broaden the appeal and capture a larger audience!

Here are 3 approaches you as a writer can use to create something that most people will have an interest in reading!


Nearly everybody likes to learn about anything new pertaining to their personal interest which makes writing content that teaches and/ or informs popular! This particular strategy can be somewhat of a challenge due to the research involved and the reality that there may not always be something new to report! Having said that however it is hard to go wrong with this particular content delivery style since if you got something new or unique, it's bound to be very popular with your viewers!


By taking a very popular topic and approaching it with a controversial twist or opinion you are bound to capture the attention of some people! Anybody who is familiar with the subject you have chosen will likely have an interest in reading what you wrote. Whether they agree or disagree with your perspectives or opinions they will still want to see what you have to say! In most cases people are wondering if there is something new they can learn and they will never know unless they view what you have presented them! Always keep in minding when writing content that half the battle is capturing the attention of viewers. When working online this battle can be somewhat tougher due to the immense selection people have which therefore makes this a great approach!


Consider for a moment how many people do you know that do NOT like to be encouraged? Exactly! Offering encouragement or motivation to others is much like offering candy to children at Halloween, you would be hard pressed to see anybody turn it down! Just about everybody can benefit from and does appreciate encouragement no matter what stage of their life or profession! If you're able to supply encouragement to others you'll likely find a large following who has an interest in reading what you have composed!

When creating content for online use it's important to recognize not everything you author will always be widely poplar! This is more a reflection on a persons preference for the style of content delivery than it is of the quality! As we discussed above some people are looking to learn while others enjoy encouragement or intrigue! Since it is not always possible to combine all these approaches when writing content the next best things is to 'alternate' their use. As an writer in doing so you are now able to gain a broader appeal with viewers which of course means a larger audience! When using this strategy online for marketing purposes, the more people who have an interest in reading what you composed, the better your results!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about creating content online and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your marketing needs simply visit:

Useful Website Content Writing Tips

Author: Jason Aldein

The way the Internet has penetrated into our lives these days can hardly be ignored. With so many people hooked on to the Net for various activities, writing content for the web has also become quite popular. Writing is an art, as they say. The same holds good for web content writing as well. Website content writing is being taken up by a lot of professionals these days. Writing content for the web is a pretty challenging task. This is due to the fact that, not everyone who is on the Net is here to read up things. While some just surf through the web pages, some others look for particular information related to specific things, few more play games and quizzes, some remain hooked on to the various social networking sites, while some others research exclusively. Therefore, web content writing is a challenging task.

Holding on to the attention of your readers on the web is the primary challenge that a web content writing professional faces. Content writing, therefore, is a challenging task. If you are in the process of building your website and wondering on what to do with the content writing part of your site, you can get in touch with a trusted content writing company. There are certain best practices to follow when you are into website content writing. A good content on the web will be able to entertain you, help your site gain prominence among thousand other sites online, and also provide useful details to those who are on the look out for information.

It is important that you shape your content in such a way that people find it useful. Those on the Net are always on the move, looking for some quick reads, details that are crisp and to the point not too elaborate, information that is helpful, can be understood easily, and can be read quickly. Keeping such user behaviour in mind, make sure that the kind of content that you write is crisp, to the point, engaging, and has the ability to hold on to the attention of your readers. Your site will be visited by a lot of people, if you have an updated content that is of good quality and is maintained regularly, in keeping with the needs and trends of the web readers. So, churn out web content accordingly.

If you are into SEO content writing, the same thumb rules apply here as well. Helping your site gain prominence online via various search engine optimization strategies is something that every business owner takes up. Getting SEO content writing done for your site is one among the many effective strategies. With so many SEO content writingIndiacompanies doing the rounds, you can pick the most suitable company to churn out effective SEO content for your business. Make sure that the company you select understands your business well. This is important, as writing for a jewellery business will be different than writing for a publishing business, for obvious reasons. Understanding who your target audience is and writing accordingly for them can fetch you some extra points.

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Jason Aldein works in a reputed content writing company and he has authored a number of articles on website content writing.

Why Should You Use Ghostwriting Services For Your Website Content Or Articles?

Author: Tess Tackett

Although you may think the expense of using ghostwriting services for your website content or article writing is prohibitive, think again. These services are very reasonably priced, and they give you several advantages as compared to doing all the writing yourself.

Time to run your business and take care of your clients

Writing articles to submit to article directories as a means to promote your business can be very effective. However, writing all of those articles and making them all unique enough that you won't get smacked by search engines can be very difficult to do. By turning your article writing needs over to ghostwriting services, you can turn your attention to running your business and taking care of your clients.

Professionally done articles, with no trouble at all

You can of course learn how to write articles yourself, but you can get the job much more expediently done by professionals, without having to worry about the quality of those articles or whether or not you've done a good job. By turning article writing duties over to ghostwriting services, not only can you focus on running your business, but you'll also have the job done by professional writers who can produce great, search engine optimized copy that doesn't read like it's been search engine optimized.

A polished, professional looking website

Have you ever been to a business website that looked like the content on it was written by someone who didn't even speak English? No doubt you'll write better website content than that yourself anyway, but why not leave the job of writing your content to professionals who really know how to turn a phrase? You can turn your website writing duties over to professional services that will get the job done right, and again focus on running your business.

Search engine optimized copy that the search engines " and therefore your clients " will love

It isn't easy to produce search engine optimized copy. Search engine optimized (SEO) copy contains keywords specific to your business so that you can be easily found by your customers. The problem is, search engines are very, very picky about just what that copy looks like and how it reads. Use the wrong keywords (those that have nothing to do with your site or what you sell) and/or too many of them, and you could get banned by the search engines. If that happens, you could essentially disappear from search engine listings, which means your customers will no longer be able to find you. Don't let that happen; use ghostwriting services to take care of the job for you.

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If you are in need of exceptional content that can help propel your online business to the top of the competition, our content writing services are second to none. Top-notch content, quick turn-around and great rates. Consider our ghostwriting services for all of your content needs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Writing Media Press Releases

Author: Magnus

We may have been hearing about releases without actually knowing or understanding which is which and what they stand for. A news release, media press releases, press release or press statement is a form of written or recorded communication which is mostly handed to the news media for announcement to the public. Mostly, these releases are emailed, faxed or mailed to the news editors of the news media they want to use for the news announcement.

Most news releases are adopted in public relations where they are used to attract media attentions. News releases serve as news source for reporters and they provide information as scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, news products and services, sales, accomplishments, etc.

On the other hand, media press releases are short news articles about a company and their product. The media needs these stories to work as readers will be searching for interesting stories. So the attention here is focused on making the story workable. It doesn't require too much detail about the company like what they do and their benefits, but just few things to make the story work.

Contrary to all these, a press release is different from a news article. People often take this to be the same but it not so. A news article is a compilation of the facts surrounding a given firm but a press release can not be based on the general facts as there are elements surrounding each release. Press releases have several traits to whether it is a general news release, event release, product press release and more recently the social media release. This is why press releases are different from other PR communication methods like pitch letters or media advisories.

A press release can never be complete and will never be accepted without having some elements. For instance, a press release must have a headline, dateline, introduction, body, boilerplate, close and the media contact information which may include the name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or other contact information for the PR or media relations contact person.

On the other hand, unlike the other releases, the result a press release will get depends a lot on the newsworthiness of the story and how the audience is convinced.

One of the best ways of having a successful press release is to keep releasing a steady flow of news. You can no just release a story and relax once you see it on the limelight. There are many releases coming from other companies and they can get your release cleared out of the spotlight anytime. Keep the news coming! If you run out of headline, subjects or just get demoralized on the work, contract a press release service firm. Use firms that have been in business for sometime which understand the necessity and functionality of media press releases. There is always need for more good stories and a press release service firm knows just the right angle to ‘strike' your story and get the public gasping in surprise.

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How Blog Writing and Newsletter Writing Help Business Grow?

Author: John Hendricks

Blogs and newsletters are two efficient public relation tools that contribute significantly to the growth of a business. In the present world of cut-throat competition, any business to prosper would require an active and visible website. Owning a website is not enough to guarantee a strong online presence. Instead several other works go into it for turning it to a highly searched one of which blog and newsletter writing are two essential ones. Both blog and newsletter are the cheapest and the most feasible option to spread words among a wide mass.

Blog writing requires both creativity and good knowledge of Seo concepts. A blog is a way to keep the viewers updated about the company's recent products/services. Same goes with newsletter writing. Both blog and newsletter play an important role in attracting more and more readers to a website thereby paving the way for better business prospects and higher revenue generation. These also help in growing the visibility of the website which in turn helps in increasing the overall traffic of the website. After all, the final success of any website depends on its traffic and visibility ratio.

Benefits of blog

  • Regular posting of blog on a website helps in keeping it active and creates a positive impression on the viewers.
  • Blog writing is a healthy means of promoting one's business brand. The business prospects may not be immediate but for sure it works in the long run.
  • Blogs are the best means of keeping readers updated about one's business.
  • Blog helps in gaining the trust of the readers by giving an impression of active presence in the contemporary market.
  • A blog post is an ideal platform to showcase one's expertise in writing. A well-written blog opens up vistas for new business opportunities.

Benefits of newsletter

  • A newsletter is the most potential tool to share the relevant information about one's business to the customers spread out in a vast geographical stretch.
  • A newsletter allows the scope of detailed explanation wherein one can express one's organization work, sales record and future goals in an elaborate and candid manner.
  • A newsletter serves as a pleasant reminder to the viewers about one's business. Instead of the viewers waiting to get the information, a newsletter serves to convey the same on regular intervals thereby building the image of the organization.
  • Unlike a tweet, a newsletter travels farther and establishes itself as a powerful advertising tool.

Both blog and newsletter writing needs an in depth study of the concerned topic. At no point of time, a person should assume to bluff in blog writing or newsletter writing as the readers look up to them as a true image of the concerned organization. In today's world, the success of any organization heavily depends on how well it is presented online. Blogs and newsletters certainly are the cheapest and the most powerful online tools to make one's business known to a wide mass of people.

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Saheli Kundu a website content writer, works in a reputed company which provides top quality contents for website. She has authored a number of articles on blog writing & newsletter writing.

Writing A Newsletter – 3 Tips For Getting Attention

Author: Jared D. Ingram

There are a lot of different ways to gather attention from folks that are reading your pages. Sure, you can get a website going and start a blog, hoping that people stick around and end up giving you information and in some cases money, for products and services. But when you're trying to venture into the eBook market, you need to look into servicing a download, writing the book, marketing it, but also writing a newsletter follow up for readers that might not be certain how to implement certain information. This is especially true when looking to create tutorial based options. If you're not necessarily writing for the educational market, then consider newsletters for the greater good of promoting any follow up information that you might be able to pass along to readers Consider the following 3 tips for getting attention when writing this type of option in conjunction with your book.

Addendums – If you have more to add to your book, consider looking at writing it in newsletter format. If you have several chapters that you either edited out, or have omitted from the release of your original script, then you can divide it up and send it to those that purchased the full option. You can also add different tips, tricks, and information as you wish, hoping to get attention for opportunities that might arise in the near future.

Limited Time Offers – If you've written an eBook and had a successful first run of sales, it's important that you offer something more to readers of your newsletter. For instance, if you catch wind of an affiliate marketing opportunity, and want to promote it, look to add it to your email blast, but do not make it so obvious that you're an affiliate. This takes some writing, but it can be done.

Limit Your Emails – The last thing to remember is to make sure that you are NOT spamming people. You need to make sure that you're not sending so many emails that it's getting tiresome for you and your readers. You don't want to send an email a week, or many a month, just send the essential and make it sparse.

The above 3 tips will help you move forward with writing newsletter content for those that have spent time and money procuring your initial eBook. If you're planning on writing a second one, an email list of previous buyers can help you with the success of the second book.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

How Article Writing Will Improve Your Online Business

Author: Frank Breinling

Writing articles can truly improve your online business. Online business is driven by online content. This content is in the form of article content that provides relevance and use to your online presence. A useful business will provide information in addition to the products and or services that they are offering. Writing articles is the only way to bring content to your online business presence whether it is in the form of a blog or a website page. Content writing is an important factor in the success of an online business. Quality content writing will drive traffic to your online business in the form of information seekers.

Most people who are seeking information are trying to solve a problem. If you are writing articles to create article content that provides the information that they are seeking and provide a product or service that solves their ultimate problem then you are going to gain more business. Article writing involves a combination of providing good information and search engine optimized content. Content writing should therefore be looked upon as a separate skill from writing for say a newspaper or magazine that appears in print. The overall objectives may be the same, but the methodology that is applied to the article writing process is very different.

Search engine optimization is an important factor in creating article content that will improve your online business. In order for people to find your website or blog for your business the content will have to be rich in keywords. These keywords should be worked in organically throughout the article writing process so that they add meaning and utility to the overall content. It can make the article writing process seem stilted if not done correctly. Keywords help search engines provide people with relevant content.

For example, say that you sell widgets. You would go about the process of improving your online business by writing articles with the keywords widgets and all of the descriptors that people might search for when looking for information about widgets. The article content should provide useful information about widgets. It is important that you give readers good information that they can use and not just try to sell people your products. If they appreciate the information that you are giving them, then they are more likely to purchase your widgets as opposed to the competition. After all, you have provided them with solid information that they can use and this builds trust. Content writing is all about building trust with both the reader and the search engines. The reader will bring your business. The search engines will bring you the readers, which will in turn bring you the business.

All in all, you should take your time when writing articles. In article writing, you need to think about what people who would come to your online business would want to know or read about and include that information in the article content. Content writing should serve two purposes. One - it should give readers great content rich with information. Two - it should give search engines lots of relevant uses of keywords so that it can direct readers to your website or blog.

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Here you can go for unique web content at Article Webstore or click here for fresh web content plus even full operating salespages at Frank Breinling Blog.

The Difference Between Article Directories and Individual Submission Sites

Author: Bonnie Jo Davis

Article marketing is a marketing technique used both on-line and off. My first experiment with article marketing resulted in my employer and his co-writer being featured on the cover of Training Magazine. Fast forward more than sixteen years and I still use article marketing on a daily basis for myself and my clients.

There is a great deal of confusion around article marketing and in particular about the difference between article directories and individual submission sites like websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Article directories (also known as article archives or article banks) are searchable on-line databases of articles contributed by multiple authors. The goal of an article directory is to collect articles on certain topics and offer them to publishers to place on their website, in their e-zine or in print.

Individual submission sites are websites, blogs, newsletters, e-zines and social media sites where a particular topic or a range of topics are being discussed. The goal of these sites is to attract and retain an audience of targeted website visitors.

Both article directories and individual submission sites should be part of your article marketing strategy after you have posted the article on your site and allowed it to be found by search engines.

The benefits of submitting articles to article directories include the ability to post articles on a variety of subjects that may get reprinted on other sites, the ability to create an author profile with information about your business, the ability to edit your article and byline at any time and the ability to remove your articles if needed.

The benefits of submitting articles to individual submission sites include access to targeted audience in your topic area, the ability to tailor your article and/or byline to the specific submission site, the possibility of receiving search engine credit for the link back to your site, the ability to create a relationship with each publisher, the possibility of editorial feedback and the increased control you have over what sites get to use your article.

With the changes in search engine algorithms many article directories have sustained some loss in ranking and credibility that didn't affect as many individual submission sites. That alone is reason enough for you to submit to only the top highly ranked article directories while submitting to as many topic specific, reputable sites that you can find.

Remember that to get the best from your article marketing efforts publish the article on your site first and let it get indexed by the search engines and then submit it to article directories, topic specific sites and document sharing sites. Many authors find it helpful to create a Squidoo Lens featuring each of their articles along with other information on the topic.

As always, read and respect the editorial guidelines for both article directories, individual submission sites and document sharing sites before submitting articles. If you understand what publishers want then you will receive a much better response for your article marketing efforts.

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