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How To Write A Stylish Article

Author: Wil Fox

So you're new to article writing and have no idea where to start. No worries. You'll be a pro by the end of this one.

First rule, don't over complicate things. Too many people think that an article writer has some superior mastery over the English language. Yeah right. If you only knew. Some do, but then there's a whole grip of us that have no idea what Chicago style means. Chicago style is a pizza right?

And rule number 2, don't ask silly questions. Okay enough of the rules. You should start by doing a quick research of the topic you're writing the article about. Once you have some highlights or "aha" moments, use these for your subheadings or the actual paragraphs of your article. Google is your friend for this. So is YouTube, Wikipedia, or any others you may pull inspiration from. Use a stopwatch though, and allow yourself only so much time to research your article. The internet is way too easy to get sidetracked on.

Now that you kind of have the gist of what to write, you need to start by introducing it. Write something catchy that's going to grab the attention of readers and entice them to continue through your article. You can ask questions, or mention something bizarre about the niche you're writing in. You could even start off by saying you have one blue foot. Just get them interested. And then in the rest of your introduction, one or two paragraphs, tell them about what they'll find by reading the article.

Take those "aha" moments and start forming the body of your content with them. Explain what you've discovered about the topic. You could even add some bullet points.

Here's some reasons to add bullet points:

  • They break up the monotony of the article, providing something more visual appealing than just paragraphs.

  • Bullet points are great for emphasizing certain discoveries.

  • This feature here could have been broken up in steps, using bullets to outline the process of writing an article.

And lastly, conclude your article. Sum it up. Don't worry so much about the word counts though. If you've said all you want to say then just leave it alone; instead of adding words just for the sake of it. Do some editing: correcting punctuation and grammar and such. Also read it back to yourself out loud. If you're stumbling on a sentence, chances are good the readers will too. So just reword it so it flows better.

See, no one asked you to give up your first born. This is not difficult. Just write like you were explaining your topic to a friend over dinner. Happy writing gang.

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