Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top 5 Emotional Trigger Words That Make People Buy

Author: Steve Tash

1. The word "free" in your ad goes a crazy long way. People want reasons to do anything and free is a big motivator. It could be a free ebook, a service, or a free report you've created. Let them know the perceived value of the free item.

Also, it's not free forever, right? How about for the first 50 visitors, or free until a certain date.

Using a power word together with another one will have a mind-altering affect on your visitors. Try the word "limited" in your ad with the word free. People will go out of their way to own or receive your stuff if they think it's exclusive, or limited. To them it means it has extra value to it.

2. Use the word "new" in your ad, if it really is new. If it's not new, add some detail that makes it so. People want to know what's new, they want to be one of the first to have it. If it's new it may be a breakthrough service or product, one that could improve their life.

Here's a word to be careful of, "Easy". Too many times to too many people, easy means, if you have a degree in physics it's easy. Most things take some effort. And don't use "easy" when marketing your business opportunity.

"Simple" is a better choice. People will believe that with some effort the thing is simple. People like simple steps to making money. Nobody likes easy steps to making money, because we all know making money isn't easy, it's work.

3. The word "important" in your ad is, important. Your visitors do not want to miss important info that might affect them in any way. "Important" is like a stop sign, people will stop and take notice.

You saying that it's important is not enough. Back it up with facts. Give them the hard numbers like, over a billion sold, or, eleven million dollars paid out in commissions.

People look for the word "testimonial" when they see the word important. They don't if the word is free, but if it's "important" give some facts or a "testimonial" in your ad. People want to see believable proof. It should be specific, reputable proof. This is a good way to build trust too.

4. Write like you're talking to one specific person in mind. Use the word "you" in your marketing. This triggers a personal connection and can make it seem to your visitors that you're talking to them. It's been said that addressing your visitor in your ad attracts them to read the majority of the ad. And like wise marketing that is less personal is abandoned sooner.

5. Consider using the word "fast" in your advertising. It's attention getting and a real trigger to people's purchasing reflex. Who doesn't want it all fast? Fast results, fast delivery. Time is of the essence nowadays.

Along with "fast" you will do well to use the word "now". Now is giving them direction. It's the call to action. When we are in front of a salesperson they use their voice, their eyes, their entire body to get you to buy. Online you're at a disadvantage, you have to take the prospect by the hand and tell them several times, "click here now", or "go here now".

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