Friday, December 9, 2011

What Are Ultra Spinnable Articles?

Author: Carlita Gonzalez

There's a hype going on all over the internet about ultra spinnable articles and maybe that's the reason what brought you to this article. What are ultra spinnable articles? Ultra spinnable articles are actually revisions of an original article spun with quality so high you'd think they're the real thing. I personally believe that spun articles are unique in their own right. So what if two or more articles are coincidentally identical in substance? What if you wrote an article first and somebody just happened to have the same train of thought as you had and created an identical one? If that other guy had the chance to post his article ahead of you then that would be enough basis for Google to forfeit your ownership.

Anyways, ultra spinnable articles are written by real people and the processes these articles undergo are meticulous. A team of writers is tasked to write one article with paragraphs to be spun and rewritten five times each. So a 500-word article would bring about thousands of unique articles obtained from the article source.

Spun revisions are generated by randomly modifying sentences and phrases around and checking if the revisions are not an eyesore to the readers. There are free article spinning software available such as Spinchimp to aid you in synonym substitution. This is one way you can significantly cut the time spent in researching for synonyms. In addition, Spinchimp has some great features such as "part of speech" processing engine that can provide you an almost human-generated spun version and the ability to spin offline when you temporarily lose internet connection at home.

The only big advantage an ultra spinnable article has over an automated spun article is its unmatched quality because it is written by real human writers. You'd rather have a thousand different versions of an ultra spinnable article with great content than have a thousand spun revisions generated from an article spinning software which will lead you eventually to proofread them all one by one. But then again you should expect a heavy price tag since human writers, unlike an article spinning software, drink beer to keep them going.

The quality of these ultra spinnable articles is so high you could use them on your website to make Google happy. Honestly until now I still can't believe it is possible to feed something with phrases and sentences. I should have been more attentive to English classes back then.

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