Friday, December 9, 2011

Article Spinning: What Is It All About?

Author: Carlita Gonzalez

One of the most popular search engine optimization techniques that website owners use to position their websites better and quicker in search engines is article spinning or article rewriting. What is article spinning? Article spinning is simply creating a new version of an already existing document by spinning or modifying its sentences and paragraphs while keeping the essence of the article. Article rewriting is more than just replacing words with synonyms, as this is nothing but a vain attempt to produce spun versions of the original source in the shortest time possible. For some reason people are in a hurry these days to get their websites ranked up immediately to the top and get the traffic they've been wanting to have with little consideration on the spun versions' content quality by using an article spinning software (which will be discussed later in this article). Actually, article rewriting is one way to avoid the penalties in the Search Engine Results Pages for exploiting redundant content. In addition, extra care should be observed when choosing a source document to be spun by checking if it's under an exclusive copyright or at least, ask permission from the owner to avoid any legal issue arising like copyright infringement. Article spinning is an art that requires writers a meticulous nature and a perfectionist attitude.

Article rewriting, if done properly, can significantly help article marketers and website owners get their websites to the top of Google's ranking. As a matter of fact, website owners hire writers to spin or rewrite articles manually or automatically using article spinner software. Writers can also make good business out of article rewriting by selling spun articles to clients. No matter how good a writer you are there will come a time when you're run out of ideas to write thus slowing you down in finishing your article. In this case, the article spinning software comes into play!

There are myriad of article spinning software out in the market today and these software applications help you spin articles quickly by automatically replacing words and phrases. In the process of doing so you may observe that the spun article may sound like funny or an eyesore to read but then again let me remind you that these article spinning software are created to facilitate your article rewriting gig. The best spinning software that generates the most natural sounding and readable articles is SpinChimp. SpinChimp also has a built-in thesaurus that is updated daily so you can be sure you get a variety of choices to make your spun revisions readable.

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