Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 Effective Tips On Writing An Article

Author: Wilson Lau

5 Effective Tips On Writing An Article

1. Research

Doing research before writing an article is beneficial to the content that you are writing. If the research is done properly, the quality of your article would definitely increase and you will build trust among the readers.

Also, by doing sufficient research, your article will tend to be longer and organized and this would create a good flow in your article.

2. Think before writing

Do not start to write an article immediately without thinking on the content without thinking of the heading that you are intending to use.

Remember that you are providing the readers with quality content and not quantity content. Writing a quality content would require some thinking and research rather than adding in words just to make it look like an article.

The purpose of articles is to provide valuable information to the readers and allow them to learn something new from you and to nurture a relationship between you and them.

3. Heading first then think of the content

I would always think of the heading first before going deeply into the content that I wanted to write.Afterall, most of the readers are always interested in the title first before deciding to click on your article. It is easy for readers to scroll down to the next article.Therefore,It is essential to create a title that will generate curiosity among readers and so, they would click on your article.

There is no point having a great content when the title heading do not generate any curiosity and tendency for the readers.

4. Final Research

So you have done your initial research and you have finalize on the headings you are intending to add into your article but that is still not enough.You would need to research on that post again to maximize its value to the readers.

Simply spend around 10 minutes for more information about the topic and create a better understanding for the readers so that they do not have to infer what you are trying to say.

5. Write

After doing 2 parts of researching,there will be quite a few ideas that is in your mind and you will just follow the flow of your writing.

I would advise you to remove all your distractions and focus on writing your article to create the best quality of content that you can create.The best way to remove your distractions is to turn off your internet. You have already done your research and have taken down all the essential points that you are going to write for your article.

6. Edit

This is the final step of writing an effective article and also it is considered one of the tedious step as you would need to edit all the grammer,vocabulary and punctuation errors.Also,you would need to check for the flow of the sentences and new ideas will be coming from your head after reading through.

Therefore, it is essential to have a thorough look on your article and make changes to it till you are satisfied.


You have learnt the tips on writing an effective article and remember the tips that I have shared with you and do apply it every time you are writing an article.

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