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Is Your Content "Putting Off" Consumers?

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There is absolutely nothing more important to your business - than getting your "message out there" in a manner, which is clear and concise. "Plain talk, easy speech, Clear writing" put it however you want; if your content is all "primped," and "puffed up, "with "important" sounding words and phrases; (meant to "impress, "or "sound smart") your content will leave your reader confused, put-off, and uncertain about what is being said.

Leave the collegiate speak at home! It does not work in the business environment. (Except at the black-tie business dinner) Consider the following examples:

"The intrinsic variables distinct to the parameters found within the commodities markets allay to necessitate a stringent post-analysis prior to infusing cash."


Instead, "The many variables found within the commodities markets require investors to do some proper research before investing."

The sentences above have the same basic meaning. Which would you rather read? This same style of writing (clear and concise) should be used in all of the copy that represents you and your business.

When it comes to Web marketing, Web Content Writing, Internet Sales Writing, Direct Mail, or other promotional type messages, keeping it simple goes a long way towards how people "perceive" your content.

The last thing you would want to do is confuse or "put off" your readers. It is quite possible to still sound intelligent; without drowning your consumers with content that is hard to extract the exact meaning from.

After all not only is your copy a reflection on you, you want your content to make you money. (While making you look good in the process)

It will literally pay you to be clear. Not only will you get more traffic through natural organic search engine results, your Page Rank in Google search will improve. Give your content a good look - Is your copy doing a grade "A" job?

Your content may simply need a rewrite, or partial rewrite, edit, or tweak. You may be quite surprised to see how much a difference you make in sales (or lead generation) by giving your content a little professional attention.

I have seen clients get as much as a 600% increase in sales, by having their content rewritten in the "clear and concise" language. How many Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and other promotional content pages suffer the demise of being clicked off of - because the reader became confused, put off, or agitated by trying to make sense out of poorly written content?

When it comes to sentence structure - what easily makes perfect sense to you, could possibly cause some people to lose interest, not fully understand, or become confused and click away in disgust.

The way people "perceive" a written message can vary greatly between readers. Their attention span, their understanding, and reading levels will invariably be different, because people are such complex creatures.

This country is full of many multinationals. English is the primary language of America, but English is not the first language of millions of Americans. If most people could use your product or service - wouldn't you want them to understand the meaning and message of your content?

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