Thursday, December 22, 2011

Article Marketing Needs to Be Information Sharing

Author: Dave Cleinman

It's becoming harder and harder to sell people products and services. Competition is extreme. Thousands of options, countless merchants, megastores like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ebay, and so on often carry products that are similar to mlm and affiliate offers. Selling a service is not much easier. In a town where there are three hundred doctors, for example, why would someone choose to visit Dr. Adams instead of Dr. Lee? The answer to this question is also the solution to the sales dilemma.

Dr. Adams office can get more business by proving they are worthy of it. We can sell our MLM or affiliate products by demonstrating their particular benefits. But, even more important is how we do this. In both cases, beneficial information that answers a question or solves a dilemma will sell a product or service far easier and with more success than direct sales. Simply put, trust increases sales. We can gain others' trust in us by sharing information that aids them and does not directly request a sale. Once the visitor to our site has received beneficial information, instead of a sales pitch, they will be many times more likely to choose to buy what we are offering.

Articles accomplish this fairly well, but what really ices the cake is a link that brings our reader to a site that continues this information sharing, combined with an easy to see place to buy the solution that they are seeking, be it acne relief, extra income, vitamins or supplements, sports equipment, or anything that helps them find the answer to their particular question.

We need to avoid sounding like a television commercial, a used car salesperson, or a political ad. Direct sales efforts are not effective and are becoming less so as time goes on. At this point in time, as we are inundated with more and more ads on TV, in newspapers, on websites, and so on, we have grown to dislike and distrust advertisements. The most successful ads share the benefits of their offer. They show the person seeing the ad exactly how they will benefit by purchasing the product or service. We need to do the same. Unlike a TV ad, however, which we will see dozens of times, we have only one shot, usually, to capture the attention and trust of a website visitor or reader. In that single visit, we must convince the person to stay and learn more, add their name to our email list, bookmark our page, and buy from us. This can only happen through a rapid build-up of trust. And that is best accomplished through specific, useful, and quality information.

Articles, blog posts, even our mailings to subscribers should be information rich and sales light. The rewards over time will be well worth the effort of creating content instead of sales copy.

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