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A Winning Campaign is All About the Copywriter

Author: Ron Uri /

Within the marketing and advertisement world there is one important button that must be pressed each time anew, the name of this magical button is creativity.

This special button com's in all kinds of colors and shapes: conceptual creativity, marketing creativity, business creativity, conceptual creativity, artistic creativity, technical creativity, graphic creativity, visual creativity, vocal creativity, phonetic creativity, verbal creativity, written creativity, material creativity, human creativity, communicative creativity, production and media creativity

The question is: how can we tap all those functions at the same time?

Indeed, this is a long and sometimes a tiring process, but if your intentions are backed up with some large experience and acknowledge in and of the publication and marketing field you might find a good marketing move.

At a time like this, where the business and personal communication have a crucial role in policy making, there is no room for ambiguous messages, un clear message encoding or compromises in the message content.

Marshall McLuhan coined the following sentence: "the medium is the message" on the pages of mass communication history in today's world, there are so many communicative platforms that it is hard to know what is the right medium for transferring the message to the different target audiences.

First, One of the main players in each winning campaign is the copywriter. He is accompanied by other key players that assist him in achieving the marketing/advertising goal, but there is no doubt that he is the one who gives the essence of the whole idea.

Marketing writing addresses the right words at the right time, in the right measure, at the right pace, with the right spirit and style- All of which fit exactly the focused or large scale target audience. It doesn't sound simple – that is true. A good copywriter plays all these instruments simultaneously.

Notice that when we develop a copywriting, it is not enough to be witty or have a large vocabulary to draw from. The one million dollar question here is how do we bring about the whole strategic research plan in to just one sentence? (it is not out of thin air that NIKE came up with the last slogan "Just DO It"! This slogan is a result of a long and in deep research and message strategy).

You must give a lot of respect to the written and spoken word. try to take regular words and distort, transform, rectify, shape, match and erase them a little and there you go - your next marketing writing is ready.

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UR Creative was established by Uri Ron, graduate from Bar-Ilan University in Communication Political Science & Administration. An announcer and a journalist at the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) Uri Ron worked as an account executive and copywriter in various advertising agencies before establishing an independent business in 1999. In time, working relations have been developed with leading advertising agencies in Israel, and from this point on the independent way gathered momentum to additional directions and specialization.