Friday, December 9, 2011

Tips To Get The Best Results In Article Spinning

Author: Carlita Gonzalez

Without a doubt article marketing is the most effective search engine optimization technique to catapult your website to a higher page rank if done the right way. Similarly, there is no doubt that it will take much of your time and energy, as writing high quality articles require research and manual proofreading for syntax errors and readability. There are, however, some tips on how to write or spin articles the fast way.

Experienced article writers use numbers into their articles because they can easily spin them to words and vice-versa. When you have a sentence in your article like, "I saw 100 cows in my dream last night", you can simply change "100" to "a hundred" or "one hundred".

It won't hurt your article if you spin all contractions contained therein but you should be careful when to do it. A sentence that reads "I have two hands" would sound weird if you contract "I" and "have", giving you this sentence, "I've two hands".

Modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs have lots of synonyms so make sure you have loads of them in your article. This is one way also you can maximize the use of an article spinning software, since most article spinning programs have a built-in thesaurus. It will be easy for you to look for related words to be included in the spintax.

You can also spin the anchor texts in your articles to provide you some additional variations. For example, if you have these anchor texts "free article spinning software" you can have something like this, "free article spinner" or "free article spinner software" or "free article spinning program".

Nothing beats your article if you spin it yourself. No computer program has ever been created so far to perfectly simulate how the human brain works. Automated spun articles are still understandable but they just don't make any sense to a human reader.

It seems that the battle between automated article spinning and manual article spinning has been finally laid to rest in this article. Anyone who thinks human skills can be replaced by automated processes, especially in the search engine optimization game, should think again. Automated spinners are developed to aid us and to make article rewriting a walk in the park. Ultimately, it is human writing skills that decide for great content and high quality. Spinchimp, a free article spinning software, is already out in the market today to make your article rewriting efficient and fast.

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